2024 Enrollment opens from September 4-11th.
Join the waitlist, so you don't miss launch week!

2024 Enrollment opens from September 4-11th. Join the waitlist, so you don't miss launch week!

the stationery academy

    watch for an overview of the course!

    One that gives you flexibility and freedom (both in your finances AND schedule)

    Having dreamy brides booking your highest package (rather than expecting them to ghost you)

    Sending off pricing proposals confidently (knowing you have the experience & quality product to back it up)


    Imagine building a business that can provide for your whole family 

    This will be you after graduating from The Stationery Academy

    “This is the best course I’ve ever done”

    — emily

    Elisabeth is a fantastic teacher and she really takes the nerves away of learning something new and diving into the invitation world. I know it’s scary investing in yourself in this way, but it is 100% worth it for all the resources you get, lessons you learn and support received from the community.

    with activities and resources to guide you through the course

    More than 50 lessons covering every step of starting, building, and growing your stationery business

    Access to The Stationery Template Library with dozens of plug & play designs

    Invitation to The Stationery Society, our private community for support, feedback, and just plain ol' friendship

    6 live Q&A sessions plus 6 coaching calls with guest experts in the industry


    50+ video lessons

    50+ design templates

    80-page workbook

    ongoing coaching

    community support

    80+ page workbook with activities and resources to guide you through the course

    the stationery academy

    Increase your prices because your schedule is full

    Get your systems, workflows, and branding done RIGHT

    Attract clients that love your work and make the design process easy

    Create a workflow that is professional and organized (so you get alllll the client referrals)

    Find ease in your business and start to enjoy margin, free time, and flexibility in your life

    2024 is the year you


    Go back to the basics and ensure your business is set up properly

    Swipe my system for bookkeeping & properly organizing your $$$

    Set up wholesale vendor accounts & save significant money on supplies

    Here's What You'll Learn

    Business Set-Up

    module one



    How to build your brand starting at the roots

    The key to standing out in a saturated market

    Step by step guide to creating a stunning website on ShowIt

    Building Your Brand

    module two


    The pricing mistake many stationers make & what to do instead

    How to increase your prices over time (and not lose all your clients)

    Build a client experience (that justifies your prices)

    Business Strategy

    module three


    Learn how to present pricing to leads (and double your conversion rate)

    Fix the missing step in your process that is causing you to get ghosted

    Contract must-haves to save you money and cover your 🍑

    Client Workflows

    module four


    Core concepts you need to know as a stationer (let's fast track you to graphic design expert!)

    How to source artwork for your designs (even if you can barely draw a stick figure)

    Exactly what you need to know to use Adobe to create stationery (without feeling overwhelmed by everything else Adobe can do)

    Design Deep Dive

    module five


    How to present proofs to your clients like a true professional 

    The proper way to export files for print (and how to save yourself lots of $$$ on reprints)

    My exact ordering process for each part of the suite (with my go-to vendors and exclusive promo codes to save you 💵 on your orders)

    Printing & Production

    module six


    Learn how to assemble wedding stationery to minimize damage during mailing

    Dive deep into the world of postage & fully understand how to source postage for your clients’ suites (including vintage stamps!)

    To mail or not to mail? We will hash out the pros & cons of each and cover why I choose to mail for my clients

    Assembly & Mailing

    module seven


    Learn the 5 things that make people buy & how to leverage this in your marketing

    How to build relationships with vendors in the wedding industry (and get more referrals as a result!)

    Swipe my social media strategy that has led to 90% of my inquiries and clients
    Gain the foundation needed to grow into the luxury wedding market

    Grow Your Business

    module eight


    Wedding Paper 101: Break down my process from timelines, pricing, design, and production!

    Stationery Etiquette: As a stationer, it's your job to know proper etiquette. This lesson will set you up for success!

    Project Management in Trello: Gone are the days of feeling ALL OVER THE PLACE. Learn how to use Trello to organize all your tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.

    Venue Illustrations: Learn how to use an iPad to create simple venue line artwork

    Bonus Lessons

    Extra, extra!


    The encouragement Elisabeth shows students & the care she puts into her courses is very apparent

    Thank you to you for making my dream feel a bit more attainable. Your course helped me feel encouraged in my decision to change my career


    melissa zapata design

    what our students are saying

    You will get a 10x+ return on your investment in TSA

     "I wouldn't hesitate to pay for this course over and over again. I have gotten so much value and confidence from working through it and implementing what I've learned into my business. This course has changed my mindset, my business, and my life. "


    korynne & co.

    I’ve paid thousands on courses. Without doubt, this is the best course I've purchased in my journey as a stationer.

    Elisabeth holds nothing back in this course. No stone is left unturned. This course is like a complete instruction manual for anyone who wants to become a successful luxury wedding stationer. 


    olivean weddings

    I'm Elisabeth

    And I educate calligraphers, artists, and aspiring stationers (just like you!) how to build a profitable, thriving stationery business.

    I built my multiple six figure stationery business from the ground up. With zero background in graphic design, art, or business, I bootstrapped my way to the top of a competitive industry. 

    I’m here to encourage you and remind you that if I can do it, so can you. I’ll say this many times throughout our journey together, so let me start now: there is space for you. 

    you don't have to be special to do this. you just have to be committed.

    hey there

    From Etsy Shop Side-Gig to $300k/year

    Etsy Shop Side Gig


    Local Wedding Signage


    Focus on Stationery


    Invest in Growth


    16-20 Hour Work Weeks







    Let me help you get there

    here's a quick visual of my journey...

    per month

    per month

    per month

    per month

    per month

    It only takes one.


    That's all it will take for you to make back your money.

    Between all the skills you'll learn, resources you'll pocket, and coaching & support you'll have - I'll be darned if you don't book WAY more than one client from this course. 

    How It Works

    & claim your virtual glass of champagne in our private community

    enroll now

    the course content (don’t worry, we’ll all be here to support you along the way)

    dive into

    when you start getting those *dreamy* client inquiries filling your inbox


    don't miss out on what's meant for you in 2024

    A year from now,
    you will wish you started today...

    What's included in the course?

    Business Toolkit

    With lifetime access, you can revisit the lessons as much as you need

    Video Lessons

    More than 50 video lessons with closed captioning and video search capability!

    Over 80 pages of INCREDIBLE value. Activities, checklists, guides, and so many resources

    For guidance, encouragement, and coaching to accompany your learning

    Join our private community (not on Facebook!) where you'll meet all your new stationery biz friends

    Course Workbook

    Live Q&As with Elisabeth

    Private Community

    A vendor guide with a list of all the vendors I use in my business plus many more. Includes vendors in Canada, UK, Aus, and Ireland

    Vendor Guide

    You'll get a library of licensed watercolor artwork my Sami Mancini to use in your designs

    Licensed Artwork

    You'll get a private invitation to four interviews with industry expert guest speakers

    Expert Interviews

    No more second-guessing your pricing. I'll walk you through pricing your work fairly and profitably

    Pricing Calculator

    You'll get access to a template library with plug & play designs for invitations, envelopes, wedding day paper, and more!

    Template Library

    "Elisabeth has created something our industry really needed!"

    — taylor, meb calligraphy

    If you are on the fence, I would say it's worth it! I thought this course might not be right for me, but Elisabeth really pulls back the curtains and lets you see behind her business! I think that is so helpful and validating. I have completely updated my process for the better.

    Julia is an expert on social media with almost 80k followers across Instagram and TikTok. She is not only an incredible stationer, but has grown to coaching other business owners on social media strategy and management.


    julia kay design

    TikTok Strategy

    Juliana is the QUEEN of flat lay styling and I am sooo excited to have her join us. She will be teaching us tips & tricks for better flat lay photos at home and will answer all your questions about improving your portfolio!


    juliana mary

    Flat Lay Styling

    Danielle is the owner of Kickstart Accounting Inc. and she will be joining us to share best practices for finances and bookkeeping for small business owners. She is a wealth of knowledge and will leave you feeling more confident in your biz finances!


    Danielle hayden

    All Things Money

    learn from the best

    Alex has *conquered* the semi-custom collection process. From her website to her workflows, she has so much incredible knowledge to share with us. She will overview how she has set up her semi-custom collection. 


    korynne & co

    Semi-Custom 101

    Patrick from Czar Press is going to join us for a Q&A about all things printing, production, and letterpress. Any questions you have about colors, paper, print methods, working with Czar, he will be here to answer!


    czar press

    Printing & Letterpress

    Taryn is a BIG DEAL in the wedding industry. She is an expert at networking and building relationships with vendors. With tons of experience under her belt, she will answer all your questions about building meaningful relationships with planners


    taryn blake

    Working with Planners

    In addition to the 50 lessons included inside The Stationery Academy, you'll be invited to private coaching calls with these industry-leaders. They'll teach you all about a specific topic in their zone of genius!

    i'm ready to enroll!

    You won't have to piece everything together on your own. You won't have to just shoot in the dark and hope you're doing it right. 

    Instead, you can simply follow the step by step guide I've created. 

    More importantly, you can jump RIGHT into our private, (non-Facebook) community and get to know fellow stationers who are walking the same path as you. 

    We are going to support one another and grow together. I can't wait to see how far you've come on this day next year. Let's do this!

    You may feel overwhelmed right now. Building a business is not easy. But here's the good news...

    I'm in 🙋🏼‍♀️

    struggling with imposter syndrome

    wondering if you will ever stand out from other designers

    getting ghosted by client after client

    then this course is for you

    if you're tired of...

    This course TRULY covers everything you could want and need when it comes to starting or scaling your stationery business.

    — alex, course student

    • Lesson 1: Register Your Business
    • Lesson 2: Google Suite & Email
    • Lesson 3: Banking & Bookkeeping
    • Lesson 4: Wholesale Accounts

    course syllabus

    Business Set-Up

    module one

    lesson outline

    • Lesson 1: Stand out as a Stationer
    • Lesson 2: Brand Identity
    • Lesson 3: Brand Voice
    • Lesson 4: Brand Visuals
    • Lesson 5: Website Design

    Building Your Brand

    module two

    • Lesson 1: Pricing Strategy
    • Lesson 2: Client Experience with Dubsado

    Business Strategy

    module three

    • Lesson 1: Leads Part 1
    • Lesson 2: Leads Part 2
    • Lesson 3: Contracts
    • Lesson 4: Invoicing Clients
    • Lesson 5: Project Timelines

    Client Workflows

    module four

    • Lesson 1: Sample Kits
    • Lesson 2: Design Consultations
    • Lesson 3: Core Concepts
    • Lesson 4: Adobe Crash Course
    • Lesson 5: Sourcing Artwork
    • Lesson 6: Stationery Design Part 1
    • Lesson 7: Stationery Design Part 2
    • Lesson 8: Design Embellishments
    • Lesson 9: Proofing & Mockups

    Design Deep Dive

    module five

    • Lesson 1: Exporting Files for Print
    • Lesson 2: Placing Orders
    • Lesson 3: Data Merge & Envelope Addressing

    Printing & Production

    module six

    • Lesson 1: Assembly 101
    • Lesson 2: Ribbon & Wax Seal Assembly
    • Lesson 3: Envelope Liners, Gate Folds, Belly Bands, and Pocket Assembly
    • Lesson 4: Postage 
    • Lesson 5: Mailing for your Clients 

    Assembly & Mailing

    module seven

    • Lesson 1: Sell with Confidence
    • Lesson 2: Networking in the Wedding Industry
    • Lesson 3: Build your Portfolio
    • Lesson 4: Social Media as a Tool for Growth
    • Lesson 5: Upselling & Revenue Streams
    • Lesson 6: Growing into the Luxury Market

    Grow Your Business

    module eight

    i'm ready to enroll!

    • Client Project Management with Trello
    • Annual Planning & Scheduling
    • Stationery Etiquette
    • Venue Illustrations on an iPad
    • Wedding Paper 101

    Bonus Lessons

    woo hoo!

    Test drive the course.
     Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

    I want you to feel NO risk signing up for The Stationery Academy. I am so confident this course will serve you, that I'm including a 14-day-money-back guarantee. 

    I'm willing to BUY the course back from you if you don't find it helpful for your business. 

    money back 



    Let's Do This Thing!

    Will I have immediate access to the course content?

    Yes! You will receive immediate access to the course portal, private course community, and resources. The course is work-at-your-own-pace, but also partially guided through weekly live Q&A sessions 🤍

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I have lifetime access to the course content?

    Yes! Come back as often as you need, and take your time working through the lessons. It’s yours forever.

    Is this course beneficial for stationers outside the US?

    Absolutely. I have intentionally added resources for stationers in all countries, including a vendor guide with vendors based in the UK, Australia, Canada & more.

    Is this course only for wedding stationery designers?

    I have dabbled in all kinds of stationery, and have found wedding stationery to be the most lucrative and able to support my lifestyle as a full-time income. However, the skills you’ll learn in this course (in Adobe specifically) will allow you to create all kinds of stationery - from greeting cards to notepads, party & event stationery, wedding day paper & signage, etc. I’m all about multiple streams of revenue! 

    How much does the course cost?

    The cost is one payment of $1,197. There are two payment plans available at 3 payments of $427 or 6 payments of $227

    What equipment/supplies do I need?

    In order to get the most out of this course, you will need a working computer and access to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. That's it!

    Is this course for new or experienced stationers?

    This course is intentionally crafted to serve BOTH brand new and experienced stationers. From the first steps of business registration and finances through the transition into the luxury market as a stationer, we will cover it all. The course covers the basics and goes deep into branding, sales, and marketing to help designers of all levels see big time growth. 

    Is the community hosted on social media?

    No! After polling my audience, it was clear that you all would prefer to have a more intimate, business-focused community that doesn't require you to be on social media. Our private community will be hosted on a platform called Circle and all Q&A sessions will be hosted through Zoom!

    Do I need to be an artist or graphic designer to take the course?

    NO! I am a self-taught stationery designer. I am going to teach you how to create beautiful designs by sourcing artwork created by other artists. You do not need any artistic skills OR a graphic design degree to be successful. Many trained designers took my course and said they still learned SO MUCH!

    Which Adobe software are you teaching in this course?

    We will step into Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop throughout this course. I will walk you through my design process, which is mostly completed in InDesign. 

    “Jump in without hesitation, you won’t regret it”


    shoot me an email

    I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Reach out to my team. We can answer your questions directly or connect you with a course alumni who can help you make the best choice for you. 

    Still on the fence?